Marine Compasses

Marine Compasses

The huge waves stirred up by a storm slow the progress of a wooden ship of older times as it sails across the surface of the water. The navigator of this ship is doing his best to re-plot a course that will help the ship around the storm instead of through it. Navigating is made ever harder by the intense speeds of the winds and very limited visibility. The navigator brings out a directional tool to help him - a compass. Because of a complex system of metallic ore, this piece almost always provides very accurate directions. The small bit of ore helps the compass's main hand to point north.

Marine compasses are special among small decorative items due to the fact they are prized and very much in demand. These particular pieces can be used to brighten up a room decoratively, or they can be employed in a practical setting. Homes and offices are good places to display these items. No other time has such a deep connection the past as marine compasses do. Direction pieces such as these have been made for many years, and as such vintage variants are nearly as common as newer types. Collections of marine compasses are owned by museums as well, and are often collected according to periods in history, and in these definitions the differences in aesthetic style are clear for all to see. Many marine compasses have a number of great elements that make them wonderful display items - such as a persistent metallic shine and an elegant crafting style that earns them a place in the home of any who value form as well as function.

This sort of compass will sometimes have deep initials carved into the back for identification. When out in the mountains for a vacation, people often bring these handy items with them. A great upside to these pieces is that they can be read by almost anyone. In this manner, a compass can be used by people of all ages. These items also make wonderful gifts for children who are interested in learning about the outdoors. Many times, the shell of the compass is made from sturdy metal. When making a compass for ocean use, many craftsmen choose a brass metal. Brass is a handy metal due to the fact it nearly completely resistant to all forms of rust caused by salt water exposure.

For easier carrying, items of this type would often have an attached chain. Today, very few are on chains and most are made to be on cords. In older times, such chains could prove very useful on the ocean. Chains on this item kept the piece from falling out of a pocket. Securing the chain on badges was what officers also did. All types of sailors learned to use the compass in their day to day workings so as to provide more accuracy in directions. No navigator is worth his salt if he doesn't have a compass on him. Marine compasses are beautiful display items that can bring a touch of old world charm to a room. With a little bit of oil and small effort in polishing, these items will be kept looking good as new.

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